Welcome to the LifeLine Ministry Website

Ralph DeVore

The purpose of LifeLine Ministry is to proclaim the simple truth about the Man called Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to expose the lies and legalism that corrupts the reason for Jesus' coming.  Many have distorted Jesus' death on the cross.  We want to share with you the Jesus Christ we know.  More importantly, you will find the truth from God's Word - free from denominational bias.  

There are four Basic Principles you must embrace in your relationship with God: 

  1. 1. Total submission to God's way is every day.
  2. 2. The Bible is God's plan for your life - you must know it to know God.
  3. 3. Prayer is you talking to God - any time, any place - in Jesus' name.
  4. 4. Find a church that believes Jesus is Savior/Lord and obeys the Holy Spirit.